1 000 000 PLN for SMEs from ING Bank and Mastercard


On September 1 this year, ING Bank and Mastercard in Poland launched the “Money to start the business” lottery. Customers who open a business account at ING bank with a Mastercard Business card have a chance to win additional money for the development of their company. Every week there will be 5 prizes of PLN 10,000 (approx. 2 216 EUR) to be won, and 1 prize of PLN 100,000 (approx. 22 162 EUR) every month. Registration for the lottery by November 30 this year.

The SME sector is the foundation of the Polish economy. According to PARP data (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development) enterprises in Poland are responsible for almost of GDP (72%) of which small and medium-sized enterprises generate nearly every second zloty of GDP (49%). To develop further, entrepreneurs eagerly use modern solutions that help in everyday business management. One of the most important areas is banking and related financial services and products. According to the Mastercard study, Polish SMEs more and more often use non-cash instruments, such as payment cards (34%) for settlements with business partners and payments made by employees.

New ING customers, self-employed, who from the 1st of September this year set up a Direct Account for Companies with a Mastercard Business card will receive not only a convenient solution for financial management and a card for making business payments but also have a chance to participate in the “Money to start the business” lottery, with attractive cash prizes.

„The decision to start your own business is a unique and exciting moment. Great joy, but also a lot of needs, such as a new machine, new computer or advertising. At ING Bank, we understand this perfectly and support entrepreneurs in their businesses from the start. Now, together with Mastercard, we are giving them a chance to get additional funds that can be an impulse for the development of their business. The prize pool is as much as 1 million PLN (approx. 221 627 EUR) ” – said Izabela Całusińska, Director responsible for Cash Management at ING Bank Śląski.

„A joint initiative with ING Bank, on the one hand, supports entrepreneurs in the development of their businesses, and on the other, promotes corporate card payments. These, according to Mastercard’s research, are popular with entrepreneurs for many reasons. Corporate customers appreciate, above all, simplicity, security, understood as a lower risk of theft and fraud, as well as transparency, i.e. the ease of verification of their own and employees’ expenses” – said Damian Zieliński, CEE Product Development Director, Mastercard.

The “Money to start the business” lottery is addressed to sole entrepreneurs who have not had a business account with ING for at least 6 months until the lottery start date.

To take part in the lottery and have a chance of winning, all entrepreneurs need to do is :

  • open a Direct Account for Companies with a Mastercard Business card by November 27 this year.
  • sign up for the lottery by November 30 this year.
  • activate the card and use it: at least one payment then the entrepreneurs receive the chance to win a 10,000 PLN (approx. 2216 EUR) prize or 10 payments – for a prize of PLN 100,000 (approx. 22162 EUR).


Source: Bank’s Press Release from September 01, 2021