A BT Mic loan, through the Raul chatbot for small business entrepreneurs

Source: Banca Transilvania

The functionality, through which small business entrepreneurs can apply for a BT Mic loan using the Raul chatbot, can be accessed from now by all entrepreneurs, even if they are not customers of Banca Transilvania in Romania.

The electronic signature of the necessary documentation to start the evaluation of a financing application is free of charge.

15% of the microfinance company’s business in 2021 was generated through the Raul chatbot.

The BT chat Raul features:

  • The electronic signature of documents for the evaluation of a financing application: loan application, agreement for consulting the Credit Risk Central database, and information regarding the processing of personal data in the Credit Bureau system;
  • Uploading financial documents;
  • Loan simulations are based on the mention of the amount that can be paid monthly.

The identification of entrepreneurs who do not have a BT account could be done through a video call, the stage where they can benefit from consulting from a dedicated team within BT Mic, with experience in financing.

In the first year since the launch of the Raul chatbot, more than 15,000 entrepreneurs have interacted with it, and more than 1,000 businesses have been funded.

The BT Mic addresses companies with an annual turnover of up to RON 1 million. Having been operating for five years, the microfinance company has supported over 18,000 micro-enterprises, which have generated over 20,000 jobs.


Source: the Bank’s press release dated April 15, 2022