A new partnership of Komerční Banka brings a comprehensive solution not only for invoicing


Komerční Banka continues a series of partnerships and, thanks to cooperation with iÚčto, can bring its SME customers the opportunity to significantly simplify the way they manage their business not only accounting but also in processing tax records, payments, invoicing, reporting, or inventory records stocks. This partnership is another step of Komerční Banka on the path to digitization and the effort to create simple, intuitive, and user-friendly products and services for customers.

The partnership with iÚčto is arranged by Komerční Banka’s subsidiary – KB SmartSolutions, which is a connection for the bank to the world of fintech and start-ups, and thanks to it the bank also brings technological and product innovation for its clients and participates in building banking of the future.

The unique competitive advantage of the iÚčto application is the fact that entrepreneurs can work with their system literally from anywhere and at any time. No need to install programs, perform updates or backups. Work in the system always takes place with the latest version, which takes into account changes in legislation, and new functions are available automatically as soon as they are deployed. All data is stored in a safe place. 

Great emphasis is placed on automation and the use of artificial intelligence. iÚčto is, among other things, a cloud accounting system connected directly to the most widespread e-shop platform in the Czech Republic, Shoptet, and is one of the pilots within the planned Open Banking API. In combination with another offer of Komerční Banka’s products, this partnership is a support of the created e-commerce proposition.

“We are pleased that in cooperation with iÚčto we can offer our customers from the segment of small and medium-sized businesses another practical and modern service that will allow them to streamline their business activities, improve process digitization and also spend more time developing their products or services and building a market position”, – said Jan Kubálek, Retail Banking Strategy Manager at Komerční Banka.

„KB has long been working in the field of Open Banking, in which it sees an important and strategic part of its banking of the future. An integral part of Open Banking is the use of the API as a technology to enable a modern way of providing KB’s innovative services to retail and corporate customers. Clients can find the ever-expanding Open Banking ecosystem of such digital services in MojeBanka internet banking by clicking on the shopping cart icon and selecting the Other section or as KB services integrated into partner services as in the case of the iÚčto platform. Through these services, KB now offers start-up entrepreneurs, for example, the opportunity to set up a limited liability company, facilitate work with invoices or provide some other useful tools that allow them to better focus on the key activities of their business”.



Source: Bank’s press release from August 05, 2021