“Accounting with a Wisent” – for business customers at Pekao Bank

Source: Pekao Bank

Pekao Bank in Poland introduces to its offer the service of easy online accounting and financial management of the company on the platform “Accounting with a Wisent.” This is the development of accounting services for the Bank’s business customers based on cooperation with CashDirector. Thanks to this, it is possible to provide the Bank’s business customers with a comprehensive accounting platform.

After registering on the https://portal.ksiegowosczzubrem.pl portal potential and current customers of Pekao Bank will be able to issue and store invoices free of charge and settle accounts with the tax office (if they are self-employed) or use electronic document circulation to better control costs and budget execution.

Additionally, through the platform “Accounting with a Wisent,” it will be possible to order accounting services from CashDirector and order all tax matters to a professional accountant who will take responsibility for contacts with the authorities.

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“Accounting settlements are an integral part of running a business in Poland. Thanks to the signed agreement with CashDirector, Pekao Bank customers will receive an accounting service that facilitates and speeds up the implementation of obligations on the shoulders of entrepreneurs. Additionally, there are services among the available packages, i.e. collection of receivables from contractors, a planner of upcoming payments, or a function that allows you to track and plan the company’s budget, which is a useful service for micro customers strengthens the attractiveness of the product. At the end of this year, we have planned the integration of accounting services with Pekao 24 internet banking, which will allow you to easily switch from the invoice level to its payment thanks to one login. In the era of digitization, such solutions combining accounting and banking services save time so important for entrepreneurs,” – says Michał Karczewski, Director of the Business Customer Department at Pekao Bank.

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“We are constantly trying to work on the attractiveness of Pekao Bank’s offer for our micro-enterprises and be the Bank of their first choice. We are even more pleased that we have been able to provide them with another novelty in the form of “Accounting with a Wisent” at the beginning of the year. Thanks to the cooperation with CashDirector, business customers of Pekao Bank who conduct simplified accounting can, at an excellent price (after the trial period, for as little as PLN 9 net per month), use the package of accounting services, which allows independent settlements with the Social Insurance Institution or the tax office. The offer of accounting packages also includes more extensive functionalities, such as a collection of payments or a payment planner we are convinced that some of our clients will decide to try selected solutions free of charge. The offer for Pekao Bank customers also includes solutions enabling telephone service with an accountant,” – says Arkadiusz Skrodzki, Manager of the Deposit Products Team and VAS at Pekao Bank.

The services available on the “Accounting with a Wisent” platform are provided by CashDirector, which has been delivering for over 10 years to over 100,000 companies’ professional solutions in broadly understood accounting.

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“We currently have the opportunity to cooperate with one of the largest banks in Poland, with the largest database of corporate customers in the country. It is a distinction for us and an opportunity to provide an even better company financial management service tailored to the expectations of entrepreneurs. I am convinced that the customers of Pekao Bank will appreciate the results of our cooperation,” – says Patrycja Strzelecka, Сo-owner of CashDirector.

The “Accounting with a Wisent” platform is intended for current and potential business customers of Pekao Bank. After activating the account at https://portal.ksiegowosczzubrem.pl, the customer receives access to the entire range of functionalities in independent accounting packages or external service packages by specialized accountants CashDirector. Everything depends on the entrepreneur’s needs and level of knowledge and experience.

For the first 30 days, the customer receives free access to the so-called Business Package, which allows them:

  • unlimited issuing of domestic and foreign invoices and periodic invoices,
  • monitoring receivables from contractors,
  • costing control and document archives,
  • using the payment planner for the next four weeks,
  • using the module for independent bookkeeping (unless commissioned by a CashDirector specialist).

Over the next few months, Pekao Bank and CashDirector plan to increase the attractiveness of the offer and introduce the possibility of convenient payment of invoices from the level of the banking application.

In the second half of 2022, users of the former invoicing service “Cloud Invoices” will be automatically transferred to the “Accounting with a Wisent” platform (after giving their consent). It will be a definite positive change for them, as the Banks new platform in cooperation with CashDirector offers a much wider package of services and functionalities than the previous service.


Source: the Bank’s press release dated April 29, 2022