Akbank supports women SMEs in cooperation with Hepsiburada

Source: SME Banking Club

Akbank in Turkey supports women entrepreneurs, who own a store in Hepsiburada with banking and non-banking advantages.

Women’s SME Package

Women’s SME Loan is a special offer with advantageous interest rates, CGF Commercial Loan in Installments with the EBRD resource, and 80% CGF guarantee support. A maximum tenor is 60 months, including a maximum 12-month grace tenor for business loans, and a maximum of 120 months, including a maximum grace tenor of 36 months for investment loans. Moreover, the advantages of TL Installment Commercial Loan are up to TL 12 million.

Women SMEs from Akbank benefiting from the Women’s SME Loan will also be able to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Free money transfer for 12 months (100 EFT and 100 Remittances). After using the Women’s SME Loan, the exemption package will be automatically defined no later than 30 days after the loan is extended.
  • For new POS customers will be offered ÖKC 90 TL/Fixed 70 TL/Mobile 100 TL, and Cebe POS free of charge, with a fee rate of 1.09% for 3 months.
  • One time free Mammography/USG Service for Women SMEs who purchase Aksigorta Continue to Life Insurance product for the first time.
  • Priority service to women SMEs in Akbank SME Expert Line.

Who Can Benefit From Women’s SME Loans?

It must be a natural or legal person established by the Laws of the Republic of Turkey, with the definition of SME, and must operate in Turkey.

There should be a female manager under the following definitions:

  • Real person companies whose business owners and managers are women.
  • Joint-stock companies where the general manager appointed by the board of directors is a woman or where women are the majority on the board of directors.
  • Limited companies in which one of the partners and the effective manager are women or the general manager appointed by the board of directors is a woman.
  • Collective companies with a female partner who shares the legal management responsibility with other collective partners or carries out alone or with a female general manager appointed by the collective partners.
  • Ordinary limited partnerships that meet the conditions sought in collective companies, provided that a woman is a partner in the limited partnership.
  • Limited partnership companies with the conditions sought in joint-stock companies, provided that a woman is a limited partner.
  • Cooperative companies that meet the requirements for joint-stock companies.

SME Welcome Advantages

Women SMEs who receive their Hepsiburada payments through Akbank will make 100 money transfers and 100 EFTs free of charge through Akbank Internet and Mobile channels for 12 months.

Salary Payments Advantage

With an instruction given to Akbank, personnel salary amounts are automatically transferred from company accounts to personnel accounts on the specified date and amount. In addition, women SMEs selling in Hepsiburada can benefit from the advantages offered to both their companies and company employees for 1 year.


Source: Information by Akbank