Alior Bank is launching RBL_START acceleration program

Source: Alior Bank

Alior Bank in Poland is starting the recruitment for the next edition of its RBL_START acceleration program. This time, it will select startups with the most interesting solutions in the area of human-mobile interactions. The winners can count a cash prize of EUR 10,000 and cooperation with Alior Bank or its partners. The recruitment of participants lasts until September 30 this year.

RBL_START is an acceleration program of Alior Bank operating mainly in the fintech area for 5 years. It deals with the scouting of innovative projects and mentoring young companies. This year, the entities are being sought to propose the most interesting solutions in the area of human-mobile interactions.

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“We treat RBL_START program in our organization as a special event, a kind of innovation festival, in which a wide team of experts from various fields plays the role of full-time advisers to young companies that have modern solutions to offer. This year, we encourage you to submit startups that will present ideas for the development of the Bank’s interaction with the customer, especially in the digital layer. These challenges are consciously extensive, we are counting on applications that will open up new, including experimental, areas for action. Selected companies will participate in a 10-week acceleration program, during which, together with mentors, they will refine the product and operating model,” – says Paweł Franczyk, Managing Director of the Digital Sales Channels Division at Alior Bank.

This year, candidates have to come up with an idea for the implementation of six challenges:

  • improving the user experience of the mobile application,
  • increasing the involvement of an individual customer,
  • contextual sales and real-time marketing,
  • analysis of more data about customers and their behavior,
  • new methods of reaching the customer,
  • inclusiveness and availability – a bank that does not exclude anyone.

Companies from all over the world that have a working product or service can apply. The program will last 10 weeks, and selected entities, with the help of mentors, will prepare a professional business plan. Alior Bank plans to select two program winners. The main prize for the finalist is EUR 10,000.

The program also offers to establish permanent cooperation with Alior Bank or program partners, i.e. PZU, Mastercard, Microsoft, and the University of Economics in Wrocław. Consulting includes verification of the solution through PoC, mentoring of experts from various fields and partners, support in UX/UI design and testing, implementation of qualitative or quantitative research with the participation of the end user, or an investment option through the RBL_VC fund.

The recruitment of candidates will last until September 30, 2022. More details can be found on the program website:


Source: the Bank`s press release dated September 06, 2022