Alior Bank provides card tokenization for micro-companies

Source: Alior Bank

Alior Bank in Poland is modernizing its services and promoting non-cash payments. The service of immediate tokenization of a multi-currency card of Currency Exchange and a  debit card for small, medium, and large enterprises, which was implemented last year, is now available for micro-companies. The function allows you to pay by phone or watch just a few minutes after ordering the card.


“Until now, the option to pay with a debit card before receiving its physical counterpart was available to clients from the SME segment and large companies. Now we also make it available to micro-enterprises. Thus, we can offer this modern and convenient solution to any company that cooperates with Alior Bank. I encourage all entrepreneurs to use this digital and secure facility” – says Ewa Małecka, Director of the Business Customer Products Department at Alior Bank.

The entrepreneur can add a debit card to Apple Pay or Google Pay through a dedicated function in the Alior Mobile mobile application. Both at Alior Mobile and Alior Online, they can also read the full card details and add them to the payment method of their choice: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay, or SwatchPAY!. Regardless of whether the entrepreneur has agreed with a bank in a branch or online, a few minutes after that, he can make payments with his card, without having to wait for the parcel with its physical equivalent.

The physical card will be delivered to the customer’s correspondence address, regardless of adding the virtual card to mobile payment systems.


Source: Bank`s press release from January 26, 2022