Alior Bank with the Polish Foundation of Entrepreneurship educates entrepreneurs

Source: Alior Bank

Alior Bank in Poland established cooperation with the Polish Foundation of Entrepreneurship, thanks to which users of the bank’s portal gained access to free online training, conducted by experienced experts and trainers. The training courses cover various aspects of running a business. They include issues related, for example, to the preparation of a business plan, financial management, human resources, the implementation of the sales process, and marketing activities. They also introduce the current changes in law and tax regulations.


“Alior Bank, like the Polish Foundation of Entrepreneurship, focuses on the development of companies. Our goal is to support entrepreneurship and together we can achieve more. Thanks to the cooperation with the foundation, we are even closer to the affairs of business owners. This allows us to quickly respond to their needs by providing free online training on our portal In addition to training and expert advice, entrepreneurs will find here many other tools to help develop and promote their business. We invite business owners to register on the portal free of charge, gain knowledge and use its functionalities” – says Ewa Małecka, Director of the Business Customer Products Department at Alior Bank.

The Polish Entrepreneurship Foundation conducted the first training sessions for companies using the portal concerning issues related to the implementation of the Polish Order in the field of registered lump sums, health insurance contributions, and provisions on employing foreigners, and were very popular among entrepreneurs.


“Cooperation with Alior Bank is extremely valuable to us. As a partner, we are acquiring one of the most recognized entities in the banking sector. The portal is a great initiative that supports and informs entrepreneurs. We are glad to be part of this project. Since autumn, thousands of users, both entrepreneurs, and their employees have already benefited from the training platform of the Polish Foundation of Entrepreneurship. Our goal is to prepare substantive training that will respond to the current needs of the business. Currently, the Polish Order is an absolute turnout hit. This is a change that is very interesting for entrepreneurs, and we provide them with complementary and reliable knowledge on this topic. Our platform also offers training related to the e-commerce sector, running a business, or modern leadership” – says Marcin Pawłowski, President of the Polish Foundation of Entrepreneurship.

The portal is Alior Bank’s free website dedicated to micro and small enterprises – including those that are not the bank’s customers. It is already used by over 18 thousand users. The website provides several tools helpful in running a business. Noteworthy is the free accounting application with the ability to generate the necessary accounting documents, obligatory JPK files, the tax book of revenues and expenses, or records of purchases and VAT sales. The portal also allows you to issue invoices and calculate depreciation charges. Thanks to the integration with the REGON and CEIDG database, it is possible to contract data of contractors based on the NIP number. Entrepreneurs can also take advantage of discounts and special offers of the portal’s partners and establish relationships with new contractors thanks to the publication of virtual business cards. To join the confirmed community, entrepreneurs just need to register at


Source: Bank`s press release from February 17, 2022