An innovative package for entrepreneurs from Bank Millennium


Bank Millennium in Poland has prepared the Smart Terminal Plus package for the Business segment customers, as part of which they receive a modern, multifunctional payment terminal with a mobile sales application and a wireless online fiscal printer. The set is an alternative to a cash register, it allows to easily record transactions and is an intuitive system for managing products and sales.

The entrepreneur who uses the package receives a modern sales stand, with an innovative NexGo N3 terminal, a modern Novitus Bill sales application, and a compact DEON Online fiscal printer, delivered during the installation of the terminal. Smart Terminal Plus allows to manage the assortment, product database, quick sales, add and configure new goods, set prices, discounts, generate reports, and thanks to the available analysis of sales, receipts, and fiscal data, also efficient overview and optimization of costs.

„The package facilitates running and developing a business. When creating it, we focused on the needs and experiences of entrepreneurs in the field of digitization. In this sense, Smart Terminal Plus is a unique solution on the market scale, which makes running a business easier and more mobile,” – says Anna Wydrzyńska-Czosnyka, Head of the Business Clients Segment at Bank Millennium.

Smart Terminal Plus is based on modern technology, which is an alternative to a regular cash register. Provides quick and simple GSM connection with the Central Repository of Cash Registers.

„For years, we have been combining innovation with designing services that go beyond the strictly banking area. The new package for entrepreneurs not only facilitates everyday business operations but is also a tool for our clients to build a modern and competitive business. In addition to our existing projects in digital channels, such as credit processes or opening current and currency accounts, this is another step towards creating a comprehensive offer for clients running their business” – says Hanna Tobiańska from Online Banking Department at Bank Millennium.

Bank Millennium offers the Smart Terminal Plus Package as part of a special offer. The cost of the payment terminal is only 39 PLN net per month, which is approx. 8,53 EUR, the Novitus Bil application is 24, 90 PLN net per month (approx. 5,45 EUR). The cost of the DEON Online printer for Bank Millennium customers is one-off lower by 400 PLN (approx. 87,53 EUR). New customers also gain free-of-charge My Biznes Account and foreign currency accounts for 2 years. In addition, entrepreneurs, after meeting certain conditions, can receive up to 1,500 PLN (approx. 328,24 EUR) in bonuses.

The Smart Terminal Plus package is addressed to entrepreneurs conducting commercial and service activities and meets the requirements of the draft act on corporate income tax, which indicates the obligation to integrate the payment terminal with the cash register.


Source: Bank’s Press Release from October 11, 2021