Webinar: Forged documents and misled banks: The important use of technology to help combat and mitigate fraud risk


Confirmation fraud typically involves fake bank statements that indicate a company has more money in the bank than it does.

The recent $2 billion Wirecard scandal is just the latest example of how confirmation fraud continues to negatively impact financial institutions. When the company admitted $2 billion was not only missing from its balance sheet, but didn`t exist, the fallout destabilized banks, creditors, wealth funds, firms using Wirecard`s services, and customers all over the world.

New technologies give us unprecedented access to innovative products and services, and flexibility in how we use them. Used to the right ends, these technologies can be game-changers in the fight against crime – both for industry and the regulator.

During this webinar, Confirmation, part of Thomson Reuters will deep-dive into how and why financial institutions need to re-think traditional models and prioritize digitization to mitigate themselves from fraud risk, accelerate tech modernization and create new business models.

Watch the webinar, streamed live on April 05, 2022

⏱Webinar’s Schedule:

  1. 15:00 to 15:05: Introduction to the webinar – Olena Gryniuk
  2. 15:05 to 15:30: Forged documents and misled banks: The important use of technology to help combat and mitigate fraud risk – Fernando López-Fando and Sara Ait-Ouba
  3. 15:30 to 15:40: Q & A




Fernando López-Fando

Commercial Director of Continental Europe at Thomson Reuters 

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Sara Ait-Ouba

Regional Manager Germany and Austria at Thomson Reuters 

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Olena Gryniuk

CEE Regional Director at SME Banking Club

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