Aware partners SME Banking Club in 2023


Aware became SME Banking Club’s Partner in 2023 again!

Aware is a global leading provider, which proposes its customers’ biometrics software services, solutions, and products. Aware’s identity verification solutions support financial services, enterprise security, HR, healthcare, border management, citizen ID, defense, law enforcement, and intelligence.

In 2021, SME Banking Club, together with Aware, organized a joint webinar on Secure Financial Onboarding and Transactions without Passwords.

In 2022, Enrique Caballero presented the topic called: The importance of biometric onboarding for the banking industry, during the latest CEE22 SME Banking Conference in Prague.

Watch full Enrique’s speech from the CEE22 Conference:

About Aware

Aware is an American company specializing in biometrics, which was founded in 1993. During all these years, Aware’s team fruitfully developed software products used to integrate advanced biometric functionality quickly and effortlessly into systems for a variety of applications. Its products and services are thoughtfully engineered for reliability, scalability, and adaptability to bring forth the next generation in cloud-based, multi-modal mobile biometrics. Currently, Aware’s solutions are actively used by more than 100 commercial leading customers and 80 government authorities worldwide.

About SME Banking Club

SME Banking Club was established by a team of former SME bankers in 2010 as a professional network of bankers to exchange information and experiences in the segments of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. SME Banking Club organizes regional SME banking conferences and webinars that bring together financial institutions, technology companies, and development finance institutions to share knowledge, spur innovation and promote the development of SME Banking in the region. Also, it provides its members with access to detailed analytical market reports and annual studies. SME Banking Club’s main activities are concentrated in Central and Eastern Europe.