Banca Transilvania: Entrepreneurs are the ones who bring changes in Romania


Tiberiu Moisa, Deputy General Manager of SMEs and MidCorporate in Banca Transilvania (BT) gave the speech during the event: ”Entrepreneurs of the Future” about entrepreneurs, opportunities, and the way that Banca Transilvania supports the businesses.

“First of all, we try to be available. This is the most important thing. Whatever is important to customers becomes important to us. In this sense, we try to be present in any financing scheme available in Romania so that anyone who plans to finance a business can find many solutions with us. We need to be where it is needed so that entrepreneurs can find what they want at BT. The second thing is that we accelerate all digitization processes. The expectations of the clients are higher and higher so we hasten this transformation.”

The important thing for entrepreneurs and banks today is how the business manages to sustain itself in the present, how it acts, and how it reorients itself with today’s challenges. Besides the fact that the bank is looking at the financial situation, the focus is now. Interest rates have never been to such a low level. Access to finance is comparable to the pre-COVID-19 situation, with the notable exception of sectors that were severely affected by the pandemic.


Thinking about the last 12 months, we can see that the first trimester was the terrible emotional shock followed by the period of adaptation, even recovery with an increase at the end of last year, and then the third wave came as a surprise.

When we want to understand the evolution of the entrepreneurial environment, then we have to go to the grass. We will find a lot of stories, with businesses that have grown or with areas that are suffering. The reset and adaptation we are talking about today were based on many, often unknown, personal sacrifices. But we are certainly evolving: we have more prepared and connected entrepreneurs to the trends of the future. Entrepreneurs are the ones who bring change to Romania, regardless of the field. Even for us in banking, every time we try to understand what will be, we look at entrepreneurs who are connected to the financial area”.

Before the COVID -19, the Romanian economy as a whole was growing every year but there was not a strong connection to the trends of the future: sustainability, technology, or green economy. The pandemic came and businesses needed to connect to these trends. Every business must rethink its strategy, its customers, to win every time its place and the respect of its partners. The periods that come after the economic shocks will bring changes that can feed a new generation of entrepreneurs. 

It happened a decade ago, in the previous crisis. People are more willing than ever to try new solutions, there will be packages of economic stimulation and financing mechanisms, the savings put aside by people will fuel new investments. In this great resettlement of things, there will be a lot to do for the people of action … it is a piece of good news!


Source: Bank’s press release from April 09, 2021


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