Banca Transilvania: Micro-grants for entrepreneurs


The online registration for the second measure of the Microgrants programs available from non-reimbursable external funds worth 2 000 EUR has started, and entrepreneurs can choose Banca Transilvania as their partner bank. The entrepreneurs can spend these funds for such expenses as buying stocks of raw materials, materials, goods, paying current debts, arrears, rents, etc.

BT is the main bank, operating within the Competitiveness Operational Program 2014 – 2020, initiated last year. Through Measure 1, Banca Transilvania supported 11,340 enterprises, 60% of those enrolled in the program choosing BT.

What does Banca Transilvania prepare for entrepreneurs who enroll in the program?

For BT customers, the bank will automatically open the grant sub-account, after receiving the list of applicants from the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism. Businesses that choose BT, but are not customers of Banca Transilvania, can open a current account online. The entrepreneurs automatically benefit from Internet & Mobile Banking services and after opening the current account, the bank will automatically open the grant sub-account as soon as it receives the list of applicants from the ministry. Zero costs for all transactions in/from the BT grant sub-account.

Who can benefit from microgrants?

Microgrants are prepared for micro-enterprises and SMEs that prove that they do not have employees with an individual employment contract on December 31, 2019, for PFAs / individual medical offices involved in the transport, equipment, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of people with COVID-19.

The funds are allocated in the order of application, and the registration form remains active for 30 days, with the possibility of extending the period, depending on the availability of the budget allocated by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism for this measure.


Source: Bank’s Press Release from October 26, 2021