Bank of Georgia has launched new Internet Banking for Businesses


Bank of Georgia, one of the leading banks in Georgia, on June 6th, announced the launch of new, fast, modern and straightforward Internet Banking for business customers. The new Internet Banking for Business is an easy-to-navigate Internet Banking service with an advanced visual interface, available on all devices, and it has a new unified authorization system. From now on, the bank’s customers can go through the identification process in all electronic channels by using a single username and password. This significantly simplifies business processes, since if a physical person is a representative of several companies, they will be able to switch to the dashboard of a given company without a separate login. For more comfort, the company heads will be able to use Internet Banking to assign user accounts to employees and grant them various access rights without visiting a branch.

The new Internet Banking for Business provides customers with the opportunity to get complete information on all products (accounts, cards, deposits, loans, guarantees) and easily manage them. Also, it allows users to order a business card, open an account or make deposits; customers can request loans and bank guarantees via Internet Banking, activate card protection and 3D security services as well as adjust card spending limits.

“We believe that being modern means constantly being in the process of development, listening to the voice of customers and working to perfect every detail. The Bank of Georgia’s renewed Internet Banking for Business is a successful example of modern trends, customer wishes, the work of many professionals and functional perfection. I am pleased to present to the Georgian market a modern, perfect and simple Internet Banking service which aims to simplify business processes for business in general, to make doing business easier and to support future development,”- says Archil Gachechiladze, General Director of the Bank of Georgia.

The customers of the Bank of Georgia also have the opportunity to use the mobile phone application – mbusiness, which will be available from the App Store and Play Store. The Bank of Georgia continues to work on the further development of Internet Banking to offer its customers more innovations.


Source: Bank’s press release from June 6, 2019