Bank Zachodni WBK in Poland will service SMEs through virtual RMs


Bank Zachodni WBK has launched a pilot project that will provide services to SME customers through virtual relationship managers (virtual RMs). The project will enable entrepreneurs to quickly and conveniently contact a virtual RM by telephone or through a computer, laptop or tablet from anywhere in Poland and around the world. Virtual RMs can also offer access to more products that were previously unavailable through remote channels. 

– “The owners of small and medium-sized enterprises appreciate having quick access to banking services, as well as our individual approach to their needs. Our goal is to provide them with the best experience in both these areas, which is why we have been systematically developing and improving how they can contact us, as well as offering multichannel support. We are focused on making full use of the potential of remote channels and building long-lasting relationships with customers. We aim to ensure that entrepreneurs can always contact the same relationship manager, who will be informed about matters related to their business. As a result, we will not only shorten the time needed for customer service, we will also make corporate banking go even further,” says Michał Hackiewicz, Head of SME Digital at Bank Zachodni WBK.

Through Bank Zachodni WBK’s virtual RM service, every SME customer will be assigned to a specific RM, who will be responsible for providing comprehensive customer service through remote channels.

Thanks to virtual RMs, SME customers will also be able to benefit from expanded product offer available through remote channels. Among other things, RMs can help customers get a loan, open a new account, change their transaction limits in the online banking system, apply for a POS terminal or leasing, obtain any necessary certificates, and answer questions about the use of the transaction system, mobile app or payment cards. For customers who value direct contact with bank employees, virtual RMs can arrange a meeting at a BZ WBK branch at a time that is convenient for the customer.

Customers can contact a virtual RM quickly and easily using tools offering direct video or chat functions. In addition, Bank’s systems will automatically connect the customer with their dedicated RM once their identity is verified. Customers can also contact their virtual RM e-mail.

Source: Bank Zachodni WBK press release of May 11, 2018