BCR expands services for SMEs through a partnership with Banqup

Source: BCR

BCR in Romania announces a new expansion of the George digital ecosystem to banking and non-banking products, through a new partnership with Banqup, the management and invoicing software platform for SMEs.

SMEs and entrepreneurs can now manage financial documents much more efficiently. The time lost in archiving, cumbersome and energy-consuming procedures are transformed in a few screen touches or clicks, on friendly interfaces, accessible to anyone. And the experience is dynamic, with possibilities for continuous optimization for users.

“We are more than happy to be able to expand, once again, the benefits and services that entrepreneurs can use. In addition to banking products, we have opened the platform to our partners in related services such as employee health plans, meal vouchers, qualified digital signatures, mobile payment solutions, and others. In this ever-changing ecosystem, there was a clear need for an innovative document management and invoicing solution like Banqup that entrepreneurs will find super useful. From the launch until now, we have added more than 250 functions to George, being the banking application with the highest rating in Romania in mobile stores,” – Mihai Sandu, Head of Digital Sales and Partnerships at BCR.

“Banqup is an innovative solution for e-invoicing, online payments, and document management. To support entrepreneurs with a complete solution, we developed this platform designed to make their work easier. Local SMEs are pivotal in the advancement of any society, even more, so the Romanian one. We could say that the moment we launched the platform, we unlocked a mechanism and enhanced the capacity and mobility of the entrepreneur. Not buried in papers, he/she becomes creative, gains time, and the whole society has a chance to align with European standards very quickly,” Tom Van Acker, General Manager at Unifiedpost Group.

Banqup is now available for free from the George platform, in the app store, being simultaneously present in the AppStore or Google Play stores.

A novelty in the Romanian market, Banqup is a product by Unifiedpost, a leader in the European market for fintech solutions for e-invoicing, invoice processing, and online payments. The premium one-stop-shop platform works successfully throughout Europe, where Unifiedpost is continuously expanding.

More than 20 countries already benefit from Banqup’s services, thus accelerating digital development and continuously simplifying the bureaucratic process.


Source: the Bank`s press release dated March 29, 2023