Thursday, June 1, 2023

Future of Customer Experience.
Next-Generation Intelligence Platform for SME financial sector

This joint SME Banking Club and Facephi Study discovers how financial organizations are using biometrics in customer journeys for SME and business customers in the CEE region, and what are their plans in that area.

If we look at the segment of business customers, biometrics is mainly implemented by the banks as a method of payment authorization, and rarely use in the process of digital customer onboarding.

In this Study we describe how biometrics can help in the creation of a smooth customer experience during the process of digital customer onboarding, and also the advantages of the usage of biometric solutions compared to other methods.

The scope of our Study covered 10 countries from the CEE region: Poland, The Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, Kosovo, and Hungary.

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