BNP Paribas Bank digitizes the lending process for farmers

Source: BNP Paribas Bank Polska

BNP Paribas Bank in Poland digitizes the lending process for medium and large agricultural enterprises. In the beginning, it introduces an online application. Over time, the entire process will be transferred to the Internet. It will be available to both existing and new customers.

“We implement modern technological solutions in subsequent areas of our activity to constantly improve customer service and provide them with the greatest possible convenience of using our services,” emphasizes Maciej Piskorski, Director of the Agro Products Department at BNP Paribas Bank. “Streamlining and digitizing the processes used in servicing the Bank’s customers, including farmers, is one of our goals set out in the GObeyond strategy,” he adds.

Since mid-April, farmers from the SME sector who would like to obtain a loan from BNP Paribas Bank have had a convenient eApplication. This solution makes it possible for all farmers in the Bank, both representing smaller and large farms, to submit a loan application electronically. The process begins on the side of the Bank’s advisor, who provides the customer with a form to complete. The application will be configured in such a way that it includes questions relevant to the specific situation of the entity applying for a loan. The data will go directly to the creditworthiness calculation system, which will speed up the whole process. Once the data has been entered, the customer will be able to use it when completing subsequent applications in the future.

BNP Paribas Bank is a recognized financial partner of Polish agriculture. The Bank has a wide range of loans that support investments or the current needs of farms.


Source: the Bank`s press release dated April 18, 2023