BNP Paribas Bank introduces Broker ID for SMEs by Autenti

Source: BNP Paribas Bank Polska

BNP Paribas Bank in Poland introduces the Broker ID remote identity confirmation service offered by Autenti. From the last week of March, remote identity verification in the process of servicing SMEs will improve both the process of opening a relationship with the customer and after-sales service in every situation where it is necessary to identify persons representing or related to the enterprise.

Broker ID is a service offered by Autenti in cooperation with key identity identification providers, such as IDENTT, PWPW, or IDnow. It allows for remote verification of the identity of natural persons – both in Poland and in the world (with certain limitations resulting, among others, from the security level of identity documents). Thanks to the use of remote tools based on biometrics and artificial intelligence, verification can be carried out quickly and safely, physical security on the document can be checked, or the data declared and documented can be automatically confirmed.

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“A solution covering such a scope of data verification ensures both increased security as well as convenience and speed of the process,” – says Paweł Jaszewski, Tribe Leader Managing the Customer Lifecycle Area at BNP Paribas Bank. “This is a great improvement, especially for people from abroad, who until now had to present a notarized document or identify themselves at the BNP Paribas branch in the country of their residence, which is not always possible,” – he explains.

In practice, it looks like a Bank employee sends an invitation for identification, and the representative or proxy of the current or future customer undergoes identification himself/herself (the process is automated), and the verification result is sent back to the employee who accepts or rejects it.

“The machine can perform most checks much better and in a repeatable way. Following the security standards applied by our Bank, at the end the entire process is verified and approved by the employee,” – explains Paweł Jaszewski.

The Broker ID solution was implemented in November 2022, and from the last week of March 2023, it will be widely used in servicing SMEs. The Bank is considering extending this functionality to other business lines. Depending on the selected solutions, in addition to video verification of identity, the Broker ID service may allow a customer to confirm his/her identity through a qualified signature, Trusted Profile, or via online banking (by logging in to banking or a PLN 0.01 transfer).

In January 2022, the Broker ID remote identity verification tool was introduced in cooperation with Autenti at BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions. The first leasing transactions with the use of video verification were completed and very well appreciated by customers.

Autenti is a Polish company offering access to a platform with all types of e-signatures, as well as electronic seals, identification methods, and qualified services. In 2016, Autenti won the first Polish edition of the BNP Paribas International Hackathon, and two years later the Bank launched the first paperless process of signing installment loans. In 2020 and 2022, BNP Paribas Bank invested in a startup twice. Since then, he has successively introduced the Autenti electronic signature in subsequent banking processes and made access to the Autenti platform available to customers from the SMEs. Since the beginning of cooperation, BNP Paribas Bank has signed 1.7 million documents with the help of Autenti, thus saving over 4.3 million sheets of paper.


Source: the Bank`s press release dated March 22, 2023