BNP Paribas Bank is looking for a tool for calculating the carbon footprint

Source: BNP Paribas Bank Polska

BNP Paribas Bank in Poland plans to offer its customers from the SME sector and corporate customers a tool enabling independent and comprehensive calculation of the carbon footprint in the supply chain according to the standards of the European Commission. It invites startups that would like to develop such a tool together to participate in the new edition of the proprietary Office Hours program. The applications can be submitted by July 10th.

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“More and more companies are obliged to report their emissions. There is also growing awareness that a limited carbon footprint can be a competitive advantage for many companies. As a consequence, the number of companies that take steps to minimize the impact of their activities on the natural environment is growing. We want to support our business clients in these efforts, incl. providing a tool that will allow you to reliably report emission data in an accessible way. For this purpose, we are looking for a solution that will be user-friendly and will allow you to independently calculate the emissivity of the business, by the applicable and upcoming standards,” – says Jarosław Rot, Chief Sustainability Officer, Executive Director of the Sustainable Development Area of BNP Paribas Bank.

BNP Paribas Bank is looking for solutions that will allow the user to enter data easily and intuitively and calculate the emissivity from Scopes 1 and 2, and soon also from Scope 3. The tool should enable the generation of reports, also anonymized. Compliance with reporting standards is imperative. The entities whose solutions have passed the MVP stage (minimum viable product) are invited to participate in the current edition of Office Hours.

Source: LinkedIn

“We focus on the web version of the tool. During discussions with interesting startups, we will, first of all, verify what is the mechanism for calculating the carbon footprint, what data and how are they implemented into the tool, whether their analysis is the same for all industries, and what is the level of detail of the generated report. It will be important for us to ensure the correctness of calculations, i.e. certification of the method. We will also ask about the user panel and functions for the administrator,” – explains Rafał Piotrowski from the Bank’s Architecture Team.

The entries, including the pitch deck solution and contact information, must be submitted by July 10th inclusive. The assessment will be made by experts, among others from the Innovation Team in cooperation with the Sustainable Development Area and the Area of New Technologies and Cybersecurity. Selected companies will be invited to participate in Office Hours, which will take place on July 21 this year at the headquarters of BNP Paribas Bank in Warsaw, at ul. Kasprzaka 2. In the next step, the bank will indicate entities that will go to the “Proof of Concept” stage.

Office Hours is a proprietary process developed by the experts of BNP Paribas Bank, which opened the Bank to cooperation with the best startups. As part of the 20 editions of Office Hours held so far, Bank experts have looked at over a thousand solutions from Poland and abroad, of which nearly 20 have been implemented (e.g. the EVA chatbot in cooperation with SentiOne or the solution for deaf customers with Migam). Four framework agreements were also signed.

The companies interested in details and participation in Office Hours are invited to contact BNP Paribas Bank at:

Source: The Bank`s press release dated June 23, 2022