BNP Paribas Polska Launches Online Portal for Agricultural Customers


On April 1, BNP Paribas Polska launched, a one-stop shop platform with Value Added Services for the food and agricultural sector in Poland. It is a comprehensive and modern platform created in collaboration with 5 innovative startups from 3 different countries (,,, and

BNP Paribas Polska has serviced the agricultural sector for 100 years (initially as the State Agricultural Bank) and now covers 30 percent of the agricultural market in Poland.

Last year, the Bank launched the Agri Hub with the aim of helping to build a better food future and food security not only in Poland, but also in other countries where the Group operates and where agriculture is an important sector in the economy: Ukraine, Turkey and North Africa.

Read more about Agri Hub and how the bank is working with farmers in the interview with Bartosz Urbaniak, Head of Food & Agri Banking at BNP Paribas Group for CEE and Africa, published in our previous SBB Magazine.

The Agronomist portal includes the following information and services:

  • Weather forecast (Partner:, dedicated to the agricultural sector with key information for farmers, as well as frost alerts and agro synoptic comments.
  • Farm Management System (Partner: Agrivi) to support farmers in increasing their efficiency and optimizing costs. For loyal customers, the bank enables the use of selected tools free of charge.
  • Satellite field monitoring (Partner SatAgro), giving large farms access to a professional application using satellite field photos to optimize fertilization and providing downloads of fertilizer maps that can be used in precision agriculture.
  • Q&A module. The bank cooperates with carefully selected experts in different fields, so that farmers can ask questions and subsequently evaluate the quality of this knowledge sharing. This service is provided free of charge.
  • Access to market information such as prices and market trends. Information is provided both by Bank experts and external parties. This service is also free of charge for customers.
  • Calendar of Agricultural sector events organized both by the Bank and other external companies.
  • Loan Calculator, providing easy-to-use simulations of repayment schedules and costs.

It took 5 months for the Bank to launch the Portal. At the moment, the Portal has been launched for Poland and is available in Polish ( In the near future, the Bank plans to launch it on new markets within the framework of the Agri Hub initiative.


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