BT Mic financed over 1,000 small enterprises through InvestEU

Source: Banca Transilvania

BT Mic in Romania financed more than 1,000 small enterprises within four months, through the InvestEU program, brokered by the European Investment Fund (EIF).

For entrepreneurs, who are at the beginning of their journeys, the partnership, announced last year, means financing opportunities with a European guarantee. BT Mic is the first institution in Romania to sign a new collaboration with EIF within InvestEU.

What does the first funding under the program mean:

  • A local impact: more than 1,000 small enterprises are in 500 localities in Romania, with activity in almost 200 fields;
  • Access to financing: for 75% of customers, these are the first business financings;
  • A financial inclusion: almost 20% of customers are startups, with less than a year of activity.

“We are glad that we reached more than 1,000 entrepreneurs in such a short time. We are continuing in the same direction to facilitate access to financing for as many businesses that are just starting,” says Cristina Sindile, BT Mic CEO.

The partnership with the European Investment Fund (EIF) facilitates the granting of loans to 7,500 small enterprises, with a total value of EUR 100 million.


Source: the Bank`s press release dated February 20, 2023