“Business for the Future” – the program for entrepreneurs by ING and the Embassy of Sustainability

Source: ING Bank Śląski

ING Bank Romania and the Sustainability Embassy launched the second season of the “Business for the Future” program, which includes ten shows with important leaders from the Romanian business environment, on current sustainability issues.

The invited entrepreneurs will explain what a sustainable business means and what concrete steps the local business environment must take in the transition to a sustainable and prosperous economy.

The shows can be watched online on the YouTube channel of the Embassy of Sustainability in Romania and on the ing.ro page. The new episodes will be published every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. from April 10 to June 19. The shows are moderated by Dragoș Tuță, the founder of the Sustainability Embassy in Romania, and the guests are clients from the Business Banking division of ING Bank Romania, from different sectors of the economy.

Source: ing.ro

“We are happy to be able to contribute to this endeavor of our partner, by presenting some good practice models from the community of ING entrepreneurs, active in different economic sectors. In recent years, in the Business Banking division, we have run programs dedicated to the area of education and financial health of our customers. In the coming period, we will take another step forward to support them by developing green products, to reduce the carbon footprint and facilitate the transition of customers to a circular economy. It is necessary to intensify our efforts to create a circular economy, and sharing the most effective methods is essential to make progress in this direction”, – pointed out Serge Offers, Head of Business Banking, ING Bank Romania.

The results of a study carried out by ING last year showed the desire of entrepreneurs to switch to sustainable practices, but also the need to learn more about what sustainability means in business. At the same time, they are concerned about the costs that integrating sustainability into their business could bring. Consequently, they expect information, education, and counseling initiatives in this new direction from the big companies, implicitly also from the banks.

Through the shows in season 2 “Business for the future”, the Embassy of Sustainability in Romania and ING Bank Romania aim to offer relevant advice and an authentic perspective to entrepreneurs who want to build a sustainable business.

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“Our mission at the Sustainability Embassy is to encourage and help entrepreneurs to adopt the economic model in which companies, through partnerships, can solve social and environmental problems without sacrificing economic efficiency. Through our approach, the show “Business for the Future”, we want to find out how ready the business environment in Romania is to make the transition to a fairer economy and a more sustainable business, but also to offer examples to follow to those who are now embarking on the path of sustainability. Sustainability is a great business opportunity and only businesses that invest in sustainability can be profitable and have a long-term future”, – said Dragoș Tuță, Founder of the Romanian Embassy of Sustainability.


Source: Bank`s press release from April 12, 2022