Can a customer register a business with your bank?


This week, another bank in Poland, mBank, announced that it is now possible to register a sole proprietorship through the bank’s online banking system. This follows other banks, ING Bank Sląski, BZ WBK, PKO Bank Polski, Bank Millennium and Bank Pekao which had introduced the same functionality earlier.

This was made possible by integrating access to Poland’s eGovernment portal through online banking systems. To register a sole proprietorship through their bank, the customer first has to activate a Trusted Profile (eGo) via their online banking system. eGo is an electronic signature that confirms the identity of the citizen in electronic administration and makes it possible to submit applications via the ePUAP platform (electronic platform for public administration services in Poland), and this service is free of charge.

According to a press release from mBank, customers can complete the procedure in about 10 minutes by taking the following steps:

  • Creating a Trusted Profile (eGo) via the online banking system;
  • Registering their business;
  • Opening a business current account with the bank;
  • Activating the online accounting service.

In this case, the process is done completely online.

This procedure is also available to individuals who do not have an account at mBank, though it will take a little longer since it will be necessary to visit an mBank branch or send signed documents and confirmation of identity via a courier.

At mBank, the entire business registration process, from submitting the application to completing business registration, will be monitored by bank employees, which will enable customers to remain informed about the current status of their application and any further steps that need to be taken.

Source: press release from mBank of February 27, 2018; Online Banking for SMEs Study by SME Banking Club

Photo: mBank