Case Studies on identity protection and biometrics


As the topic of cybersecurity solutions focused on fraud prevention, identity protection, risk management, and biometrics are extremely important these days, VU, a multinational company focused on fraud prevention and identity protection, shared with us some case studies of their implementations with the banks in Latin America, which we’d like to share with you:


The solution was focused on empowering customers to transact safely and with less friction



Wilobank in Argentina implemented a remote functionality of identification, authentication, and proof of life of citizens through a technological platform.



Falabella implemented a solution to increase the security levels of the digital operations.


About VU:

VU is a multinational company focused on fraud prevention and identity protection. It provides innovative solutions for robust identity authentication through the combination of traditional cybersecurity controls with biometrics, geolocation, machine learning, ID card recognition and user behavior analysis. Through modular solutions, VU helps to digitally transform the business and to increase the level of operations with a lower operative risk. Its technology can be applied both to the corporate and governmental environment and offers the possibility of integration with any existent platform in a fast and standard way. More than 130 clients in 25 countries in Latin America, Europe and the US, including governments, banks and retail companies, integrate VU technology to protect confidential information. Among them, there are Banco Santander (Fortune 500), the Banco de la República de Uruguay (NYSE), Prisma, Falabella (Forbes 2000) and Globant (NYSE). The company works with a network of 60 partners, including Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, IBM and BGH. VU was recognized by Microsoft as Country Partner of the Year in Argentina (2019) and Bolivi