Saturday, September 25, 2021

Webinar: Improve mobile security to open new business

Watch the webinar, hosted on May 13, on how improving mobile security can significantly increase value for end-users, organizations, and open up new business opportunities. Mobile phones and mobile applications are great devices in our lives that have gradually taken on the role of ID...

May 20 – Roundtable: Increasing customer engagement: The SME Ecosystem playbook

Join us for an in-depth discussion on how banks can use SME Ecosystem and benefit on the SME market by building engagement among SMEs and drive new revenue streams.   SPEAKERS: Olena Gryniuk CEE Regional Director at SME Banking Club (Poland) LinkedIn Profile   Maciej Sałata Consulting Director/Corporate and SME Digital Banking...

Webinar: Customer-Centric Banking

It seems banking still is seen from a department/product view, and not customer-centric. Customers still receive from the banks offers that are not relevant to their business or private needs. Moreover, customer needs are changing very rapidly. To meet those needs, banks need to...

Webinar: Enabling Secure Financial Onboarding and Transactions without Passwords

Passwords are no longer the safest way to protect our financial assets. Mobile biometric authentication framework solutions allow banks to onboard customers quickly and use their mobile banking apps to apply for accounts and perform transactions safely and conveniently, without using passwords. Watch the webinar,...

Webinar: Are banks a farmer’s most trusted advisor?

Why do farms have the most trust in banks for their farm data security and how can banks make a positive impact on the adoption of digital agriculture technologies? Watch to learn and discuss during the devoted webinar.   SPEAKERS: Matija Zulj  LinkedIn Profile CEO & Founder Agrivi   HOST: Olena Gryniuk LinkedIn Profile CEE...

Webinar: PSD2 and business opportunities

On December 09, we discussed perspective of implementation of PSD2, best practices for mobile security and identity federation concepts to optimize costs of change and enable new businesses. Speakers: 🎤 Václav Mladěnka (Monet+). LinkedIn profile Václav Mladěnka is responsible for developing solutions for client authentication. He has been...

Generating enterprise revenue with Request-to-Pay

On November 12, we discussed Request-to-Pay and its the potential to change the full scope of payment behavior from instore, online, B2B, and B2C. New solutions are required to reach the full potential benefits that Request to Pay offers: Request 2 Pay use cases ...

Online & Mobile Banking for SMEs. 2020 Study

On November 05, Olena Gryniuk presented SME Banking Club Annual Review of Online Banking and Mobile Banking functionalities for SME customers in the CEE region. In 2020, SME Banking Club analyzed the functionality of online banking solutions for SMEs in the CEE region based on...

Presentation of Digital SME Lending Study. CEE 2020

On September 15, Olena Gryniuk presented Annual Review on the possibility of applying and getting a loan fully online. In 2020 SME Banking Club analyzed the possibility to apply and receive a loan fully online for Micro and SME customers based on 20 parameters: Watch details...

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