CEE SME Banking Club Conference 2020 – How it was

Olena Gryniuk (SME Banking Club) hosted the Conference.

For the sixth time, SME Banking Club gathered SME Bankers at the CEE SME Banking Club Conference 2020, which was held on November 25 fully online and devoted to financial services for SMEs in that region (#CEE20).

480 attendees from more than 50 countries took part in this year’s conference online, among them 35 speakers that connected from 14 countries. Olena Gryniuk (SME Banking Club) hosted the Conference.

The very first panel of our Conference we decided to devote to the topic of Artificial intelligence in Banking. As AI technologies are increasingly integral to the world we live in, banks need to deploy these technologies at scale to remain relevant.

Erik Brieva (Strands, Spain), focused on the opportunities for the banks and use cases. Watch Erik’s presentation.

Erik Brieva (Strands, Spain) during his presentation

Piotr Filipiak (Comarch, Poland) told about AI in cash flow analysis and financial forecasting. Watch the presentation

Antti Myllymäki shared their experience on AI deployment at OP Financial Group (Finland), main achievements and some cases. Watch Antti’s presentation

Marta Mroz-Sipiora (Asseco Poland), in her presentation, focused on the SME customer journey and customer experience with AI. Watch Marta’s presentation.

During the Panel Discussion, mentioned above speakers discussed the main challenges of deploying AI at scale, how banks can overcome them, and the necessity of having an AI strategy in the bank

After that, during a Fireside chat on the topic of The Eternal Understanding Gap: learning to think like an SME bank, Olena Gryniuk was joined by John Mark Williams – CEO at The Institute of Leadership & Management. The conversation was focused on the understanding gap between the bank’s policymakers and SMEs, and how to make SME bakers think like SMEs. Watch the conversation

During the Fireside chat on the topic of The Eternal Understanding Gap: learning to think like an SME bank

Sibylle Strack (Kontist, Germany) started the Panel devoted to the Beyond Banking services and development of the ecosystems for SME customers. She presented tax services implemented at Kontist for freelancers. Watch Sibylle’s presentation

Adi Engel (vCita) continued the topic and focused on the building inclusive digital solutions.

During the presentation Adi Engel (vCita)

Katalin Kauzli (Charlie-India), together with Norbert Szenttamási (Budapest Bank) and Gergely Tyukodi (OTP eBIZ), spoke about building an e-invoicing and payment ecosystem in Hungary. Watch their presentation.

The Panel discussion was focused on the development of ecosystems for SMEs and customers’ engagement in the digital VAS banks are offering for that segment.

The next speakers on the Conference virtual stage – Agnieszka Pirog and Bartlomiej Szymanski (Ailleron, Poland) presented the Commercial boost sales – digital platform and comprehensive human advisory.

During the presentation: Agnieszka Pirog and Bartlomiej Szymanski (Ailleron, Poland)

The next Fireside chat was devoted to the topic of Digitalization of customer interaction, during which Olena Gryniuk was joined by Alexander Putyato (System Technologies, Belarus).

During the fireside chat on the topic of Digitalization of customer interaction

The next Panel was devoted to the topic of SME Finance, and was moderated by Michal Pawlik – CEO & Co-founder of Polish factoring fintech SMEO and the Head of the Tech team at Polish Factors Association.

Daniel Huszar (efcom, Germany) opened the Panel with the presentation on the Technological strategy in times of uncertainty.

Daniel Huszar (efcom, Germany) opened the SME Finance Panel

Jamie Burink, together with Carlo van der Weg, talked about platform banking and how to fuel growth in the area of lending to business customers.

Betül Kurtulus from FCI spoke about the importance of access to factoring for SMEs.

George Koukis (Neurosoft) joined the Panel Discussion, hosted by Michal Pawlik after all the presentations.

During the SME Finance Panel

Andrzej Krzeminski presented AMVOX – a Blockchain startup for renewable energy project finance.

Andrzej Krzeminski during the presentation

Charles-Alexandre Gamba (ITDS, Poland) moderated the FinTech cooperation Panel, during which Christian Wolf (Raiffeisen Bank International, Austria) and Maximilian Schausberger (Elevator Ventures, Austria) were speaking about FinTech ecosystem in the CEE region, and how Elevator Ventures partners fintetchs in the region.

After that, all the panelists (Tomas Michalek, Diana Dumitrescu, Raul Risnita, Quintin Stephen, and Paweł Franczyk discussed whether successful collaboration between banks and fintechs possible, and whether FinTech is a Bubble.

During the FinTech Cooperation Panel

During the Pithing Session, FinTechs that have solutions for the SME sector, presented them.

And before the start of the CEE SME Banking Awards Ceremony, Neil Hopcroft (Form3) talked about the Digitalization of banking and Payments.

After all the presentations the CEE SME Banking Awards Ceremony took place, and SME bankers and FinTechs were awarded for the best solutions in the CEE region.

Read more details about Awards criteria and watch the Ceremony 🙌.

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