CEE21 Conference – How It Was

Olena Gryniuk, CEE Regional Director at SME Banking Club, hosted the Conference

On November 25, the 7th CEE SME Banking Club Conference took place. This year it was conducted in a hybrid format, connecting in-person attendees and speakers at the Krakow conference venue, and the ones who joined remotely.


The hybrid format of the conference allowed face-to-face conversations and online networking.

The virtual EXPO zone was also available throughout the day!

Expo Zone on the CEE21 Conference website


23 speakers from 17 countries during their presentations and discussion panels covered the topics devoted to SME banking and financial services to that customer segment:

Patrycja Sobczyk (Asseco Poland), Claudio Cungi (Strands), Joanna Dziergas (Comarch), and Federico Avellán Borgmeyer (efcom) conducted a panel on the topic of AI in SME Financial Services.

Paweł Jaszewski (BNP Paribas Bank Polska), Michal Kurowski (Raiffeisen Bank International AG) and Václav Mladěnka (MONET+) presented their experience in the subject of Digital Experience in SME Banking.

Olena Gryniuk (SME Banking Club) and Bogdan Misevets (System Technologies) were looking for an answer to the question: “The best online banking for SMEs – how does it look like?

Daniel Pana (FintechOS), Dimitry Oosthoek (Topicus), Mantvydas Štareika (SME Bank), and Betül Kurtulus (FCI) discussed how to speed up access to finance for SMEs. Michał Pawlik (SMEO) moderated the Panel.

Adi Engel (vcita), Katalin Kauzli (CharlieIndia), Nigel Reavley (FIS), Dániel Kiss (Liferay), Andrey Volkov (System Technologies) advised on how to accelerate the adoption of digital payments among SMEs. Olivier Denis (FIS) led the discussion.

Kate Dunckley (LexisNexis Risk Solutions) and Olena Gryniuk (SME Banking Club) talked about how scams developed, and how to protect bank customers from them by using a multi-layer program.

The last speaker of the day was Daniel Huszár, who wondered about what the world would look like after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the recording of the Conference Stream:


The best part of the Conference was the Wward ceremony for the year 2021 in the following categories:

  • Best Online Banking for SMEs. CEE Region.
  • Best Mobile Banking for SMEs. CEE Region.
  • Best Digital Lending for SMEs. CEE Region.
  • Best Digital Factoring for SMEs. CEE Region.

The nominees were selected by the SME Banking Club based on studies and rankings that SME Banking Club produces for the CEE region.

Here are the winners:

First place in The Best Online Banking for SMEs category. CEE Region took Raiffeisenbank Česká republika for the solutions introduced in the Internet Banking product.

Award received Jaroslav Kravčenko Olena Gryniuk (SME Banking Club) hosted the Ceremony

In The Best Mobile Banking for SMEs category. CEE Region the winner was ING Bank Śląski for the solution of Moje ING.

Award received Joanna Więcek-Sitek remotely. Olena Gryniuk hosted the Ceremony

The Best Digital Lending for SMEs category. The CEE Region has been divided into two subcategories for Micro and SMEs. Both statuettes went to the representatives of ING Bank Śląski!

Both Awards received Michal Tusznio. Olena Gryniuk hosted the Ceremony

First place in the category The Best Digital Lending solution for SMEs FinTechs. CEE Region 2021. was collected by Jan Lastuvka from Lemonero.

Award received Jan Lastuvka. Olena Gryniuk hosted the Ceremony

Statuette in The Best Digital Factoring for SMEs category. CEE Region 2021. was awarded Magdalena Ciechomska-Barczak and Łukasz Adamczyk from ING Bank Śląski for the ING Finance Invoices program.

Award received Magdalena Ciechomska-Barczak, and Lukasz Adamczyk. Olena Gryniuk hosted the Ceremony.

The last category is The Best Digital Factoring for SMEs. FinTechs. CEE Region 2021. in which the first-place prizes were awarded ex aequo to Monevia and Instant Factoring.

Award received Maciej Drowanowski. Olena Gryniuk hosted the Ceremony
Award received Cristian Ionescu and the whole team remotely. Olena Gryniuk hosted the Ceremony.

Watch full Awards Ceremony:

We are thankful to all our Partners for their support!

More details about the SME Banking Club Studies: https://smebanking.club/product-category/studies/

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