CloudCart and UniCredit Bulbank join forces to support online businesses


UniCredit Bulbank has chosen the leading e-commerce software CloudCart as its e-Commerce partner. Together, they join forces to provide Bulgarian entrepreneurs with an innovative online trading platform with included virtual POS from UniCredit Bulbank, providing online payment with payment cards. The partnership between UniCredit and CloudCart is dictated by their firm belief that they should help merchants to develop successfully in the current conditions. The goal of their joint activity is to develop entrepreneur`s full online potential.

The rapid pace of digitalization over the last decade has led to the accelerated development of e-commerce. The dynamic conditions and the uncertainty faced the traders in Bulgaria and around the world with serious challenges and an urgent need to develop successfully in the online environment.


“It’s easy to give my business what it deserves” is the initiative with which UniCredit Bulbank and CloudCart lend a hand to merchants. The clients of the bank can take advantage of 4 preferential price plans for launching, managing, and developing an online store in CloudCart with included virtual POS from UniCredit Bulbank.

The proposal is aimed at a wide range of entrepreneurs:

  • novice traders
  • traders with physical objects
  • entrepreneurs with an existing online store

The joint activity of the two companies comes at an extremely convenient time for business development in the online environment. According to a UN study released in the spring, e-sales covers nearly one-fifth of the total retail turnover in the past 2020. The situation in the country is also dynamic.

In the last 5 years, the annual growth of e-commerce in Bulgaria is between 21% and 35%. In 2020, the volume of the online market reached over 970 million euros. The forecast of the organizations in the branch is that the sector in Bulgaria will continue to grow with double-digit growth.

Over one-fifth of the population in Bulgaria buys goods online and has already developed habits and confidence in this way of shopping. There is also an increase in online card payments by over 160%.


The e-commerce software of the Bulgarian company CloudCart, which already operates in the Greek and Romanian markets, is intuitive and easy to use and does not require technical knowledge or the need for programmers.

Merchants who take advantage of the offer will receive a complete solution for their business, as well as expert support for the development of a successful online store.

The CloudCart platform provides opportunities for integrations with modern payment methods with virtual POS from UniCredit Bulbank, automated waybills and integrations with courier companies, synchronization with ERP and warehousing systems.

Merchants can transfer their online stores from any platform automatically to the CloudCart software, integrate with different marketplaces, and easily sell in international markets.

Every business deserves a partner you can count on. Whether it’s entrepreneurs who are yet to realize their plans, retailers looking for a safer home for their existing e-shop, or owners of physical sites who want to work without restrictions online.

Today, the active presence in the digital environment is crucial for the development of any company. CloudCart and UniCredit Bulbank believe in their partnership and will continue to offer innovative solutions for the convenience of their customers.


Source: Bank’s Press Release from September 10, 2021