CRIF Poland partners SME Banking Club in 2023


Meet our Partner for 2023 – CRIF Poland!

CRIF is the leading provider of credit information in Europe and one of the key entities on a global scale, providing integrated services and solutions in the field of business, commercial information, and risk management.

CRIF Poland is the Polish representative of this global company!

In 2022, SME Banking Club, together with CRIF Poland organized two webinars:

Register for our nearest joint webinar, which will take place on May 25, 2023!

Moreover, during the latest CEE22 SME Banking Conference in Prague, Anna Kowalik (CRIF Poland) participated in the Interoperability and Open Banking Panel Discussion as a Panelist and shared with the audience her valuable experience on the above topic.

Watch the full video from our latest joint webinar with Kamil Gosławski (CRIF Poland) below:

About CRIF Poland

CRIF Poland is a company that offers systemic credit risk management using an authors’ IT platform – CRIF Solution Platform. This solution allows the customers to build an effective risk assessment and fraud detection process, and save data and IT costs as well. CRIF Poland provides ready-made products and solutions in the area of Big Data. The team consists of skilled experts: software engineers and architects who professionally combine business knowledge with programming experience.

About SME Banking Club 

SME Banking Club was established by a team of former SME bankers in 2010 as a professional network of bankers to exchange information and experiences in the segments of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. SME Banking Club organizes regional SME banking conferences and webinars that bring together financial institutions, technology companies, and development finance institutions to share knowledge, spur innovation and promote the development of SME Banking in the region. Also, it provides its members with access to detailed analytical market reports and annual studies. SME Banking Club’s main activities are concentrated in Central and Eastern Europe.