Customer Experience Management in SME Banking


We publish here a use case of the implementation of a customer experience management solution, provided by Pisano, in Raiffeisen Bank International (Austria).

Pisano is an all-in-one B2B customer experience management platform, helping to gain a unique vantage point in banking with a versatile, streamline customer journey from pre-sales to support and build strong relationships with SMEs.

From feedback to action: 

Continuous improvement of Raiffeisen’s SME journeys

Feedback collection in the Moments of Truth

 Raiffeisen’s SME customers interact with the bank over 100+ distinct touchpoints. The bank relies on Pisano to collect instantaneous customer feedback after its customers’ most important interactions and customer journeys. Channel, product, journey, and touchpoint feedback, all in the same platform.

Closing the inner loop

 Each and every piece of feedback we collect is disseminated via Pisano across our frontline organization, be it the relationship managers, the call center agents, or the branch staff. They are tasked with reacting to incoming negative feedback as if it were an official filed complaint: reach out to the customer, apologize for the bad experience, and try to solve the issue on the spot. Systematic issues are being escalated to the outer loop.

True omnichannel feedback

 Most of Raiffeisen’s customer journeys already include a digital channel. With Pisano, Raiffeisen has the ability to prompt its customers for feedback via SMS, Email, or directly from the digital channels, such as online banking or the mobile app.

Closing the outer loop

 Raiffeisen has adopted an agile way of working where agile teams work continuously on improving our customer journeys, products, and channels. Pisano ensures that each improvement they introduce is based on and verified by customer feedback. This is what we mean by closing the outer loop: rooting the customer in the daily routines of our agile teams.


Watch Pisano’s pitch and contact with them during the CEE SME Banking Club Conference 2020 on November 25.

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