Debt collection service is available in the ING Accounting application

Source: ING Bank Śląski

ING Bank Śląski in Poland offers its customers entrepreneurs a debt collection service, which is implemented in the ING Accounting application.

Many entrepreneurs have a problem with the delayed payment of invoices by their counterparties, which affects their financial liquidity. This is why the debt collection service may prove to be an effective solution. In the ING Accounting application, the entrepreneur can not only issue an invoice but also send for the collection of overdue ones.

In addition, ING Bank Śląski proposes support from experienced specialists who will proceed with the collection. The debt collection process lasts a maximum of 90 days. Besides, the customers don’t pay any initial fees and there are no binding agreements.

When using the ING Accounting application, customers can keep track of the status of the documents sent for collection, sent any invoice for the collection that exceeds the amount of PLN 1000 (appr. EUR 200), and which payment deadline has expired.

ING Accounting is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, which specializes in a wide range of non-banking services – not only for ING Bank customers. As part of this offer, the company began implementing several tools to support business. The main goal is to create a wide range of complementary services for companies. The ING Office mobile application and the ING Accounting platform (e-invoicing, online accounting, and the accounting office) offer solutions for every company on the market.

It is not necessary to have an account at ING Bank to use the application, but some functions are unavailable then (e.g. payment of invoices in several clicks). As part of the offer, the customers can now use the invoice financing service – fully online factoring for companies and entrepreneurs.


The details about the service can be found at (in Polish):


Source: the Bank`s press release dated July 22, 2022