DenizBank Digital Platform for SME customers


Innovation Description

Last year DenizBank (Turkey) launched Digital Platform for Small Enterprises and Entrepreneurs called Kumsal. It builds a community of small sized enterprises by providing cloud-based tools to help SMEs manage, grow and promote their business by digital means.

It is a multitasking platform which delivers the following cloud-based digital services:

  • Contact management
  • Calendar
  • Campaigns & Coupons generation & management
  • Directory Inventory management
  • Website templates and domain name registering
  • Group e-mail marketing
  • Group SMS marketing
  • SMM integration & publishing
  • Sales tracking and reporting
  • Payment with fastPay mobile app

So it’s a digital ecosystem which small and micro-businesses can use without any fee and without the necessity of being a bank customer. In addition SMEs can benefit from substantial discounts from third parties. This enables them to get prices and services which were typically out of the reach of smaller companies. Kumsal is projected to reach thousands of members within a year.

The Platform became a finalist of the 2015 BAI-Infosys Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards for Disruptive Innovation in Banking.

Innovation Details

Organization: DenizBank
Country: Turkey



By NFS support SMEs in managing, growing and promoting their business by digital means.


  • Process steps and timeline: n/a
  • Current status and progress: Launched in 2015
  • Project organization: Intertech
  • Compatel