DSK Bank and eBay support SMEs selling their products worldwide

Source: DSK Bank, www.dskbank.bg

DSK Bank in Bulgaria and the international online platform – eBay join forces to support businesses that want to reach more customers worldwide.

The joint partnership aims to strengthen the Bank’s support for the SMEs` development and digital transformation, motivating them to sell more easily, conveniently, and securely online.

On April 3rd at the Sense Rooftop Bar, the representatives of DSK Bank’s management and the eBay global team presented the new prospects for sustainable growth of the Bulgarian business.

All those wishing to lay the foundations of their global business can benefit from preferential conditions for the usage of virtual POS for merchants with already existing online stores, as well as business packages DSK Online info – suitable for new and already operating enterprises that carry out many online payments.

Businesses interested in new markets can join the eBay Growth Program, where they will be guided through the first steps of creating an account and uploading products to eBay, and using the right tools and strategies to develop the relevant business venture. An expert in the field will support everyone at the beginning of the process for free to get oriented and gain concrete insight into successful practices. Also, the customer will have the opportunity for individual training to upgrade his knowledge in the field.

The eBay program is suitable for legal entities with more than 100 items for sale. When these conditions are met, a form is filled out with personal data and information about the products – price range, quantity, and type. After submitting this form, confirmation is awaited to continue the process.

Source: DSK Bank

“With the help of our eBay partners, we’re helping small businesses find new markets. By pooling our expertise and offering a complete service together, we enable SMEs to easily and conveniently sell their products online worldwide. This is another step on the part of DSK Bank in the direction of developing long-term cooperation with businesses in Bulgaria,” – commented Kamen Kirilov, Managing Director of Small Business Markets at DSK Bank.

“We are happy to support SMEs in Bulgaria – one of the main markets in our region, in their global endeavor, opening the door for them to more than 135 million buyers worldwide in 190 markets. There are already over 12,000 Bulgarian merchants who are successfully selling on eBay, and every 11 seconds a product located in Bulgaria is sold there. We are glad and proud to be able to cooperate with DSK Bank in this endeavor – to help as many local businesses as possible take them global, through specialized support for online success,” – mentioned Daniel Biran, Head of Business Development of Global Emerging Markets at eBay.

DSK Bank and eBay declare their support for businesses that want to go beyond the country’s borders, professionally promote their products to a wider audience, and improve their service with higher standards.


Source: the Bank`s press release dated April 04, 2023