E-SME training for women entrepreneurs by Akbank

Photo by SME Banking Club

Akbank in cooperation with TOBB Ankara Kadın Girişimciler Kurulu in Turkey proposes women entrepreneurs to get new information about increasing sales of their products, to improve their business skills, and to bring their companies to a new level.

The application deadline is February 16. The training period will be lasting for a week (from February 24 to March 4).

On February 24-25, the training for women entrepreneurs will take place live in Ankara Chamber of Industry Meeting Hall. However, from February 28 to March 4, it will occur online by using the Zoom platform.

To register for this program, future participants should fill out the registration form on the site.

Program Content:

  • Introduction to E-Commerce,
  • Establishment of E-Commerce Team,
  • Establishment of E-Commerce Site,
  • Supplier Management,
  • Digital Marketing and Sales,
  • Customer Service Management,
  • Selling in Marketplaces,
  • E-Export Fundamentals,
  • Financial Literacy for SMEs.

What benefits will participants be able to enjoy after completing the E-SME Program?

  • They will get an Installment Commercial Loan with 3 months grace period and an advantageous interest rate of up to 1 million TL with a KGF guarantee.
  • They will be able to use POS at favorable rates.
  • Moreover, New Commercial Credit Card buyers will receive a 1.000 TL chip-money opportunity.
  • All participants will get Plus Money for 30 days with “0” interest.
  • They will be exempt from 100 money transfers (wire transfer + EFT) and check transactions for 1 year.
  • Furthermore, women entrepreneurs will receive a Letter of Guarantee with a 1% commission.
  • They will get a special budget salary offer.
  • They will be given a 1-year Propars “3 local marketplaces” membership, a 1-year Parachute membership, as well as a 1-year Usersdot data dot subscription.


Source: Information by Akbank