Eight months for free for a POS lease by Pekao Bank

Source: Pekao Bank

Pekao Bank in Poland offers shops and service companies an exemption from the POS lease fee for up to eight months of cooperation, regardless of whether the customer meets the conditions of the Cashless Trade Support Program.

The Bank’s offer includes, among other things, a modern android POS with a large touch screen, the possibility of connecting via a cellular network or WiFi, and an innovative design. At Pekao payment terminals, the customers can launch such services as integrating the POS with an online cash register, the function of contactless cash withdrawal during the transaction, or choosing one of the 33 industry icons that will be printed on the transaction confirmation.

Source: LinkedIn

“The POS becomes one of the main points of interaction with the customer at the point of sale or service, so it is important that it works quickly and makes a good impression. At Pekao Bank, we aim to provide our business customers with solutions that allow them to develop even faster,” – says Artur Jurgielewicz, Director of the Card Acceptance Office at Pekao Bank.

Pekao Bank’s offer is addressed to the customers who have not accepted payment instruments in the last 12 months and have not used the Cashless Poland Program before. Under it, they will not pay for the POS lease for eight months. Settlement fee, which, thanks to participation in the Cashless Trade Support Program, is 0% for five months (up to PLN 42 thousand of turnover on the POS). The customers who do not meet the criteria mentioned above can take advantage of the special offer under which they will pay only PLN 1 for the POS lease for eight months.

Details of the promotion are available at: https://www.pekao.com.pl/przedsiebiorcy/platnosci-i-rozliczenia.html#section-2.


Source: the Banks press release dated May 05, 2022