Entrepreneurs can open a business account at Banca Transilvania 100% online


Entrepreneurs in Romania who choose Banca Transilvania can open a 100% online account, without the company’s documents, based only on the identity document. The process is available for LTD companies, registered in the Trade Register, with sole owner, resident in Romania.

The 100% online account, without enterprise’s documents is part of the bank’s SME to Go offer, which means online solutions for entrepreneurs – from opening a business account, applying for a loan, access to information about account balance, interests, or liabilities, the possibility of management business cards.

“The entrepreneur can register company online, open bank account online, buy online, sign agreemnets online. Online and digital are, from what we see, the words most often used now in almost any field, but especially in the financial area. For most customers, it is not something new, and for them, the relevance comes from the number of clicks, uploaded documents, the time allotted – for example – for opening a bank account. Therefore, 1 document and 5 minutes became the cost of opening a current account at BT for an enterprise and sole entrepreneur”, says Daniel Szekely, Executive Director of SME & Microbusiness at Banca Transilvania.

With the online opening of the account, entrepreneurs can choose the Free First Year Account, based on the number of operations performed each month and the specifics of the business. The packages contain basic products and services, such as business cards, online banking, account notifications, etc. Those who choose to work with Banca Transilvania benefit from free and on-the-spot payments and receipts from over 300,000 Romanian entrepreneurs, as well as from payments and receipts in any currency, including in the Unlimited package. Over 80% of the legal entity customers have an unlimited current account package at Banca Transilvania.


Source: Bank’s press release from November 03, 2021