Financing for micro-enterprises: the Pekao Factoring Liquidity Machine

Source: Pekao Bank

The micro-entrepreneurs who issue invoices with deferred payment can use the Pekao Factoring Liquidity Machine. This is a solution for entrepreneurs struggling with the problem of late payments, which allows them to cover their liquidity gap.

During its over 20-year history, Pekao Factoring in Poland has been consistently increasing the scale of its operations. For years, it has been cooperating with the largest corporations, since the last decade it has been developing its activities in the SME segment, and in 2021 it began offering its services to micro-enterprises.

The new offer for micro-companies -The Liquidity Machine – is targeted micro-entrepreneurs operating for at least one year, for the invoices with a payment term of up to 90 days, and a maximum limit of PLN 1.5 million (approx. EUR 300 thousand).

Source: LinkedIn

“We care about the financial liquidity of our customers – thanks to the solution introduced by Pekao Faktoring, the customers will be able to receive funds for the delivery of goods or provided services earlier than the date specified in the invoice,”  says Radosław Twarużek, Director of the Business Customer Department at Pekao Bank.


The offer is addressed not only to Pekao’s current customers but also to all micro-entrepreneurs who want to finance their invoices at once after issuing, thus increasing their competitiveness and developing the company by providing it with liquidity.
The Pekao Factoring Liquidity Machine is a product based on an automated online process, and the offer is individually tailored to the company’s needs. The service enables smaller businesses to access solutions previously accessible mainly to corporations. Thanks to the use of innovative technology, the decision-making process takes a few minutes, without the need to provide fulfilled questionnaires and documentation.

Source: The press release by Pekao Bank dated July 27, 2022


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