FinMarket – a platform in Romania that helps SMEs get access to the best financial solutions


FinMarket is a new platform in Romania, launched in July 2020, to give SMEs a tool to compare and choose the best financial solution on the market.

In Romania, around 96% of all companies are micro-companies with turnover below EUR 1 mln (approx. 500,000). Because they are small, and their financial statements are fragile, they have limited access to banking financial products. In this context, it is not very easy for the entrepreneur to identify a financial institution interested in lending.

How does it work for the SME?

An entrepreneur fulfills a short request form on the website and, in 3 days, receives the offer from banks and financial companies – FinMarket partners. After that, the entrepreneur can choose one or several offers and contacts directly to the respective financial institution within the standard credit application process.

FinMarket eliminates the first step in accessing financing: the extensive and helpless search for the lender interested in financing small businesses. In Romania, banks do not cooperate with brokers or intermediaries in the area of SME lending, and FinMarket intends to add support and consultancy services to entrepreneurs in accessing the finance.

At the moment, FinMarket cooperates with six partners that offer lending products to SME customers. The intention is in the future to add additional financial products (leasing, factoring, etc.). The platform is targeted at the Romanian market at the moment.