FX Exchange for entrepreneurs in the mobile apps by PKO Bank Polski

Source: PKO Bank Polski

iPKO dealer is an online FX Exchange by PKO Bank Polski for entrepreneurs, which is currently available on smartphones. To use it, all they need to do is install the latest version of the IKO or iPKO business mobile application. Importantly, they do not need to have a foreign currency account to exchange currencies in applications and make international transfers.

The exchange takes place immediately on the business accounts of PKO Bank Polski. The entrepreneurs can set an individual rate even for individual transactions. The FX Exchange operates as part of the website, so the entrepreneur does not have to remember additional logins and passwords. The FX exchange is available 24 hours a day, on business days, from Monday to Friday. Moreover, it offers access to 187 currency pairs. The conclusion of the transaction takes approx. 1 minute and it is credited directly to the customer’s account.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dariusz-grzyb-63bb3454/overlay/photo/

“We systematically provide entrepreneurs with new amenities. Our online currency exchange for companies now also works on smartphones. The exchange office offers competitive rates, access to a large range of currencies, and each transaction can be made quickly, easily, and safely” – said Dariusz Grzyb, manager of the Alternative Channel Sales Team.



IKO application

With IKO the customers can check an account balance and a history, order a transfer to a bank account number to any recipient, pay off the debt on the credit card and set up a deposit or top up the phone. Users also have the option of auto-saving, editing standing orders, making a split payment transfer, using the dark mode and contactless BLIK, they can also verify the identity of the bank employee calling them. There are also functions for paying for parking, buying transport tickets, opening a “selfie” account. The application also allows them to view accounts from 11 banks – checking the account balance and history of operations. IKO also has a Voice Assistant, a tool that facilitates daily banking using spoken commands, which has almost half a million unique users and provides support for blind and visually impaired people, and also allows analyzing expenses and savings.

iPKO business application

On the other hand, the iPKO business mobile application is available in two versions, tailored to the user’s needs. The full version enables the use of a company account and a token on the phone and is intended for users of iPKO business electronic banking. In turn, the second version is intended for users of company cards and allows them to be operated on mobile devices. The iPKO business mobile application works on phones with Android, Huawei, and iOS systems in 4 language versions: Polish, English, German and Czech. It can be used by customers of PKO Bank Polski in Poland and foreign branches in the Czech Republic and Germany.


Source: Bank`s press release from March 22, 2022