Garanti BBVA Partners Acceleration Program supports business development

Source: SME Banking Club

Garanti BBVA in Turkey offers gratuitous support for enterprises designed specifically for participants’ ventures.

What is the support of Garanti BBVA?

  • Office Space (all participants will be able to use private office facilities, common work areas, meeting rooms, and training/conference areas within a 900 m² closed area in Mecidiyeköy).
  • Mentoring (a mentoring program designed and conducted specifically for the needs of each enterprise. They will get close support provided by experienced mentors).
  • Collaboration & Commercial Reference (they will be able to get commercial reference opportunities in the market for cooperation and enterprise with Garanti BBVA Bank and companies in its business network).
  • The activity of marketing (companies representatives will get advertising, digital marketing, conference, and PR event support, as well as fair/, stand support).
  • Consultancy services (they will have an opportunity to take advantage of professional consultancy service in the fields of government supports, grants, incentives, accounting, intellectual and industrial rights).
  • Training and Seminar (all participants will be able to take a part in entrepreneurship training and seminars given by experts in the field, access to events in various fields and subjects).
  • Technical & Infrastructure Support (they will get access to cloud collaborations, internet, printer, and video conferencing opportunities).
  • Access to Finance (they will have an opportunity to meet with angel investment networks and venture capital companies, and to get advantages in banking services).

Who can apply for Garanti BBVA Partners Acceleration Program?

This Program can apply to those Turkish companies, which have minimum viable product or service (MVP), high market potential, less than 3 years of operation, a scalable business model, as well as a strong revenue model.

Garanti BBVA Partners general applications are opened and evaluations are made twice a year.

What are the next steps for future program participants?

  • Application,
  • Preliminary assessment,
  • One-to-One Interview,
  • Evaluation Committee,
  • Collaboration Time.


Source: Information by Garanti BBVA