GOaccounting for micro-entrepreneurs at BNP Paribas Bank

Source: BNP Paribas Bank Polska

One more bank in the region launched online accounting for their SME customers. From August 9th, the micro-entrepreneurs who are customers of BNP Paribas Bank in Poland can use GOaccounting system.

Source: LinkedIn

We are used to the fact that digitization simplifies many banking services. At BNP Paribas Bank, we are constantly expanding digital services for our customers. Goaccounting is a system prepared for professionals and micro-entrepreneurs,” – says Maciej Wójcik, Tribe Leader managing the Entrepreneurs and Farmers area at BNP Paribas Bank. “Thanks to the system, managing documents, payments, and accounting is becoming quick and convenient. It not only saves time and put an order in the documents, but also it’s a simpler, electronic form of accounting – user-friendly and environmentally friendly,” – he adds.

GOaccounting is an online service linked to the business account at BNP Paribas Bank. Thanks to it, the Bank’s customers can efficiently and conveniently manage their accounting. The system guarantees safe workflow and electronic archiving of documents and facilitates budgeting and payment management.

After registering on the GOaccounting platform, it is possible to easily and free of charge issue an unlimited number of invoices. The process is accelerated, among others thanks to the possibility of issuing of the documents according to defined templates, by copying existing invoices, or automatically issuing and sending recurring invoices. A convenient solution for service providers and entrepreneurs dealing in retail trade is the record of revenues from cash registers.

It is also possible to quickly upload cost invoices to the system. All the customers need to do is send the photo via the mobile application. Accounting will automatically link invoices with payments using the OCR technology, the system will read the data contained in them and prepare the transfer for approval.

Using the Bank BNP Paribas platform, customers can give remote access to the invoices to the accountant, by saving the scans in the e-archive. Entrepreneurs that conduct simplified accounting can automatically calculate and account for taxes, which is important for people who prefer to make the accounting themselves. The system will take care of payments of invoices issued by the micro-entrepreneur by sending SMS reminders to its customers. The customers can also check the payment schedule for the next four weeks on an ongoing basis. They can also use the service provided by a dedicated accounting team.


Source: the Bank`s press release dated August 09, 2022