“Green Entrepreneurship” is launched by the CCIS and OTP banka Srbija

Source: OTP banka Srbija

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and OTP banka in Serbia are launching a mini-campaign “Green Entrepreneurship” to develop and promote entrepreneurship. The campaign starts in the second half of September and will last for three months, and it will include women entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, and social entrepreneurs, announced Branislava Simanić at a press conference. As part of the campaign, it is planned to hold free workshops in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac, Užice, and Subotica, for entrepreneurs to acquire the necessary knowledge for the development and further improvement of the business.

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“The education of entrepreneurs is extremely important because in this way entrepreneurs improve their knowledge and skills, which are necessary for running a business. Free workshops will be organized on various topics and will be aimed at developing more environmentally responsible entrepreneurship, as well as creating an even and positive impact on society and the environment,”Branislava Simanić pointed out. She invited entrepreneurs to get involved in the campaign and take advantage of this project.

In addition to professional expertise, OTP banka Srbija will also provide financial support of one million dinars to reflect the free workshops, and Marko Đukić, Director of the Small Business Directorate of OTP banka Srbija, pointed out that the Bank strongly supports the sector of small businesses and entrepreneurs, which represents the backbone of Serbian economy: “Having in because of our leading position on the market in lending to individuals and businesses, wide regional coverage and expertise, OTP banka Srbija has the potential to provide much-needed financing, provide education and contribute to the development of entrepreneurship throughout the country. Our priority is an advisory approach to entrepreneurs who are setting up their businesses and who are oriented toward innovative solutions, and social and environmental components in their business. We believe that through green entrepreneurship we will help and solve many dilemmas and obstacles of brave entrepreneurs”.

During the presentation of the cooperation, Milena Mićanović, Director of Communications and Public Relations of OTP banka Srbija, stated that the Bank is committed to long-term support in the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in the local market.

Source: LinkedIn

“Our efforts in this segment are best exemplified by the multiple award-winning Generator Zero project. This year’s edition of the competition was aimed at awarding solutions that reduce the carbon footprint, and in previous years we were also involved in initiatives of wider social importance because women’s and social entrepreneurship are equally important to us. Bearing in mind our ambitions to remain the leader of the green transition in Serbia and to apply ESG principles of action, the partnership with PKS on the green entrepreneurship support program is a continuation of our aspirations towards a sustainable and better future,” – says Milena Mićanović.


Source: the Bank`s press release dated September 05, 2022