GreenFields Academy – a free program for Romanian farmers

Source: Raiffeisen Bank website,

Raiffeisen Bank in Romania and its partners invite farmers to participate in GreenFields Academy, a program dedicated to sustainable agriculture. The Romanian farmers interested in the program can register between June 30th and August 5th, 2022 on the page

Twenty farmers from all areas of Romania will be selected who for eight months will take part, free of charge, in the courses and experience offered by the GreenFields Academy program.

Raiffeisen Bank Romania in a partnership with Syngenta, RWA Agro, IPSO Agricultura, Yara Romania, Patrick Valmary Consult, and AMAZAG, with the support of Alisa Farming, Grup Serban, AIDER, and APPR are the ones who laid the foundations of this program and develop it every year.

The registration begins for the second edition of GreenFields Academy, a program specially designed for sustainable agriculture. During this time, farmers will have access to good practices, and innovative technologies and will exchange experience, together with local and international professionals of agricultural companies and associations, coming into contact with the practices of high-performance farms in Romania.

The program aims to contribute to the development of an adequate framework for sustainable agriculture, by conserving water, improving soil quality through minimum works, exploiting the carpets and the green cover crops, reducing the amount of input per hectare, circular agriculture, conserving resources and biodiversity, carbon sequestration in the soil, the use of digital and precision agriculture – all taking into account the profitability indicators of farms.

“Sustainability is an area that is part of our daily lives. We are pleased to announce the organization of the second edition of the program, opening the doors to a new promotion of farmers who will join those who already practice conservative and regenerative agriculture. This year we plan to select farms that innovate and contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture, providing them with a rich non-commercial technical curriculum, focused on access to the latest field experiences and technologies,” – said Laurentiu Asimionesei, Representative of AMAZAG, founder of GreenFields Academy.

GreenFields Academy will include a group of twenty selected farmers from all areas of Romania, who will participate in the program for free for eight months. The course curriculum consists of a mix of online teaching and technical meetings organized in the field and is formed by integrating information directly from local and international specialists of partner companies and farms, with those provided by Patrick Valmary, Consultant in Sustainable Integrated Agriculture and Partner of the Project.

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“We are delighted with the experience of the previous edition of the program, which motivates us to further develop and enrich the learning plan for the new generation of participating farmers. Greenfields Academy is a unique initiative for Romanian agriculture, through which our farmers can better adapt to the new climate and the profitability conditions. We are happy to be partners in this program and to contribute to the sustainable practice of agriculture,” – said Raluca Nicolescu, SME Director at Raiffeisen Bank.

The registrations in the program started and take place between June 30th and August 5th. The farmers can do it directly on the program’s website (, where they can also consult the details of the program, the eligibility criteria, and the admission criteria.


Source: the Bank`s press release dated July 07, 2022