How can CRM support an omnichannel strategy?

Picture: Logate

Today, more than ever, as the line between online and offline sales is blurring, a well-thought-out omnichannel strategy guarantees the retention of existing customers and the involvement of prospects by ensuring consistency of the message regardless of the communication channel or stage of the customer’s acquisition. To be truly omnichannel, you have to be everywhere. Does it require a lot of resources?

Today, I hosted a joint webinar with Logate – a CRM solution provider from Montenegro, and together with Jevrosima Zogovic we discussed how Omnichannel CRM can support an omnichannel strategy of the bank.

On the one side, it is a must for such big companies as banks, and everybody on the market talks about omnichannel. On the other side, most financial companies seem to be constantly one step behind all of that.

As it turned out it’s possible to implement an Omnichannel CRM even during a month and integrate with all communication channels the bank uses with customers: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, chatbots (LinkedIn and TikTok are in their roadmap), etc. 

The fastest implementation they had was 4 days (!) with the Health Government’s contact center in Montenegro when the pandemic started.

During the webinar, Jevrosima presented their solution called Connect, created for contact centers, with a detailed demo and overview of the possibilities and functionalities the platform provides.

Except for functionality, the metrics and reports are extremely important to understand how efficient the bank is at solving their customers’ issues and how good call center agents are at listening to the customers.

One study shows that 33% of customers consider the most critical aspect of good customer service experiences to have their problem solved in one single interaction, regardless of the amount of time spent (but the faster, the better, of course). CRM tools today allow us to measure different KPIs and track the process of customer service, so the bank has all the tools and data to improve customer experience.

Watch the video to get more details: