How to implement CRM successfully


On March 03, SME Banking Club, together with Omega Consulting Team held a webinar on the topic of digital transformation with CRM.

At the beginning of the webinar, Olena Gryniuk mentioned that based on AI in financial institutions Study, conducted by SME Banking Club and Asseco Poland last year (you can download it for free here), we could estimate that around 50% of the financial organizations in the CEE region had implemented CRM solutions. Is it a large or a small number? Olena also showed several examples of the CRM implemented in Garanti BBVA (Turkey) and Budapest Bank (Hungary).

Miljana Nimčević (Omega Consulting Team) noted that CRM market value in 2021 was $58 billion and it is expected to reach $129 billion by 2028. Moreover, it’s the largest and the fastest-growing software market, which has more than 4000 CRM solutions with increasing share investment in customer-facing apps.
The next important step is a progression of economic value. The greater the process of customization, the more the process of transformation takes place.
Furthermore, Miljana Nimčević highlighted the main 3 points of market leadership strategies, namely: operational excellence, customer intimacy, and product leadership. They are all effective in their way.
Miljana Nimčević also noted if we combine Human Resources, processes, as well as products with enabling digital technologies such as cloud, ERP/CRM, HCM/SCM, matching learning, Al/Bots, mobile, IoT, blockchain and big data analytics will become a cause of getting superior customer experience, empowered employees and will optimize business operations. All these aspects, taken together, will lead to increased success, earnings, and control.

3 steps for successful CRM implementation: 

  1. Work on Strategy: 
  • Educate many employees on CRM
  • Analyze your CRM strategy
  • Form a cross-functional team
  • Create main buyer personas
  • Create customer journey
  • Map content for important touchpoints
  • Realign organizational structure
  • Promote a new CRM strategy.

Work on Culture:

  • Choose one part of the company as a pilot project
  • Form a cross-functional team
  • Help them create development strategies based on CRM:

Work on Technology:

  • Form a cross-functional team
  • Select CRM vendor based on defined criteria
  • Organize and promote project kick-off
  • Create CRM business specifications
  • Do the CRP test of the first CRM software version
  • Do the UAT test of the revised CRM software version
  • Prepare for launching
  • Go live with one-month hyper-care
  • Evaluate the finished project.

Only by combining all these three aspects – success can be achieved.


Interested to learn more? Watch full webinar recording below: