Hyper-automation of business customer service at Pekao Bank

Source: Pekao Bank

Thanks to the use of the most modern tools in the field of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced analytics (AA), Pekao Bank in Poland will provide business customers with even more efficient and faster service via the PekaoBiznes24 system.

Pekao Bank consistently moves towards the digitalization of business customer service. The introduced novelty is a combination of the functionality of the PekaoBiznes24 electronic banking system with optical character recognition (OCR), machine learning (ML), and process automation (PA). Due to this, the Bank can interpret and categorize documents remotely submitted by the customer much faster than before.

The solutions used by the Bank are the so-called hyper-automation, i.e. a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA). Hyper-automation helps streamline business processes in the Bank and process the data in an unattainable way with traditional methods.

“Hyper-automation takes digital transformation and the quality and pace of customer service to the next level. To put it simply, we “fed” the algorithm with scans of our customer’s documents, thanks to which it learned how to recognize them. When the algorithm receives another file, after analyzing it, it can determine exactly what document it is dealing with. It is not important whether the customer used the template or wrote the instruction himself/herself. What’s more, the algorithm can extract key information from the received document, needed for further, efficient processing,” – explains Jędrzej Fryc from the Department of Electronic Banking and Digitalization of Processes at Pekao Bank.

As part of the hyper-automation of the process, software robots collect data deployed in numerous Bank systems to finally provide the employee with a complete set of the necessary information. The employee, after checking the correctness of the data, can execute the given instruction or efficiently direct it to the appropriate path to the appropriate unit in the Bank.

“In my opinion, digital transformation is primarily about digital processes and digital competencies. We are consistently implementing a hyper-automation strategy, under which we automate customer service using innovative technologies such as intelligent document processing and robots. At the same time, we significantly increase the efficiency and quality of the services provided. The new General Instruction process for business customers is a perfect example of this,” – says Jan Maria Kowalski, Director of the New Technologies Office at Pekao Bank.

What does this mean for the customer in practice? The new PekaoBiznes24 self-service zone has a new version of the General instruction application. As a result, business customers can now provide the Bank with very wide-ranging documents, including current service, e.g. an account and other transaction banking products, business finance and trade finance, electronic banking, or treasury products.

The Bank provides a self-service area and General Instruction in a new graphic design, thanks to which its preparation is more friendly and intuitive. It has been equipped with several improvements that will allow the Bank to process applications faster.

Moreover, it is also possible to remotely sign agreements and annexes, including agreements with a restricted written form under pain of nullity. Each General Instruction must be signed following the rules of company representation. The Bank accepts the signing of documentation using many types of electronic signatures, which are equivalent to handwritten signatures: the electronic signature made in the PekaoBiznes24 electronic banking system, the qualified signature, the trusted signature (by Trusted Profile), and the personal signature available in the electronic ID card. It is also allowed to combine different types of signatures.

As part of the consistently implemented Pekao Bank`s strategy related to the digitalization of processes and self-service development, the Bank plans to make available further types of instructions in the self-service zone in the PekaoBiznes24 electronic banking.


Source: the Bank`s press release dated April 04, 2023