ING and the Polish Zero Waste Association creates the Zero Waste Map

Source: ING Bank Śląski

ING Bank Śląski encourages Poles to contribute to the creation of a nationwide map of zero waste companies. Places that support a waste-free lifestyle can be submitted on the map by anyone – both individual clients and companies. Map Zero Waste is a joint initiative of the Polish Zero Waste Association and ING Bank Śląski. The project is supported by Kasia Nosowska in the song “Wystarczy” (in English – “Enough”).


“Poles want to be ECO. On average, every second person declares that they take into account environmental and ecological issues more than ever before, and as many as 89% believe that they have an impact on the future of our planet. As a bank, we want to support Poles in these activities. We show that ecological attitudes such as zero waste and conscious consumption also have a direct impact on their budget. We also decided to create the Polish Zero Waste Map to help them choose more ecological and economic solutions every day. We encourage everyone to create it with us for the sake of the environment and their wallets. We hope that the zero songs by Kasia Nosowska will also inspire Poles to act” – said Barbara Pasterczyk, Bank Director responsible for marketing communication at ING Bank Śląski.

The Zero Waste map allows you to search and add new places in your area that work according to the zero waste idea, e.g. local repair points, reusable packaging stores, second-hand stores, etc. Zero waste is a lifestyle that consciously reduces waste production. In practice, this means, inter alia, Conscious shopping, avoiding disposable packaging, or repairing items instead of throwing them away.


“In Poland, many companies operate sustainably – thanks to them our shoes gain a new life, we can use household appliances longer than the warranty period proposed by the manufacturer, and we get take-out food in our packaging. The last time was very difficult for these places, so now is the moment to distinguish and show these initiatives to a wider audience” – comments Joanna Kądziołka, spokeswoman for the Polish Zero Waste Association.

A shop or a company can be reported on the map by both an individual customer who uses a given point and the company itself, which operates in an ecological and zero-waste manner. You just need to complete a simple form. The application will be verified by the Polish Zero Waste Association. In case of positive verification, the point will be placed on the map. The application and maintenance of a point on the map are free of charge.

The Zero Waste Map is one of the many ING initiatives in which the bank encourages Poles to consciously approach spending and buying new things. Here, less can mean more savings on your account and more for our planet because what is economical is ecological.


Source: Bank`s press release from January 24, 2022