ING Bank in Poland launches a pilot of the Placeme service


ING Bank Śląski has launched a pilot of the Placeme application, supporting entrepreneurs in finding the best place to develop their business.

Placeme is a service addressed to entrepreneurs and people who plan to set up a business. The application helps to find and assess the location with the most significant business potential in terms of new investments, as well as optimization of sales and marketing activities. The tool offers, among others, searching for premises for a new business, obtaining information about the competition operating in the area and consumer habits, as well as the opportunity to prepare mobile advertising for the target audience.

“We are actively looking for market solutions that create added value for our customers. We want to comprehensively support entrepreneurs at every stage of their business cycle, including at the very beginning. The solution offered by Placeme supplements our bank’s offer and gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to attract more customers. In piloting, we want to explore the potential of this tool,” said Małgorzata Jarczyk-Zuber, Chief Innovation Officer at ING Bank Śląski.

Basic Placeme functions are available free of charge and include:

  • offer of premises available for rent or purchase (data from the Domiporta real estate website)
  • information about the time needed for the prospect to reach the spot at a particular time
  • basic information about the surrounding neighborhood
  • knowledge concerning what to pay attention to when starting a business
  • StreetView function
  • an advertising module with the possibility of sending geo-targeted mobile ads

ING customers receive an additional discount on paid application modules that provide, among others:

  • information about competition in the vicinity
  • knowledge of locations that generate traffic: public buildings, schools, etc.
  • population data in the indicated area
  • data on earnings and sales potential
  • investment plans and changes in the city’s infrastructure
  • information on the crime level in the district

This tool was created by the Placeme start-up.


Source: ING Bank Śląski, press release from 07.02.2019