ING Bank in Poland offers free online accounting services for entrepreneurs


ING Bank in Poland is one of the sixth banks in the CEE region that offers online business registration services for entrepreneurs.

In 2020, the number of newly established sole proprietorships in Poland decreased by 15%, but entrepreneurs are still proving that they do not want to give up, on the contrary, each month more than 22 500 businesses are being registered, and 57% of them did it online (as of November 2020).


Nowadays people get used to the fact that more and more activities are proceeded online and value the easiness of that lifestyle. The same experience customers expect in their professional life, so banks need to meet their expectations in the new reality.

We have already written about the benefits of online business registration that are available for the banks’ customers in Poland (click for details). Customers are waiting for more services to make their business life simpler and banks are ready to offer them more.


In addition to online business registration services, which ING bank launched in 2019, this year ING as a bonus for the entrepreneurs that will register their business via bank’s Online banking system or Mobile Banking (Moje ING), online accounting services will be provided for free till the end of 2021.

“We would like to remind that our customer can complete the process of business registration, including opening a business account as well as accounting fully online, even via the mobile phone. With such innovative solutions that are available in our application, we support entrepreneurs and facilitate their daily business. We hope that all businesses will quickly return to the growth path”- says Wojciech Widenka, Entrepreneurs Tribe Lead at ING Bank Śląski (Poland).

Source: ING Bank’s press release from 05.01.2021.


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